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New: Seoul Jung Korean BBQ


Photo by Lily F. Yelp.com

With a dining room evoking South Korea’s modern fashion and ancient architecture, this Seoul-ful Dublin eatery offers an all-you-can-eat, grill-at-the-table menu that features thinly sliced meats that are a cut above, including beef bacon and brisket. The limitless BBQ suits a party-friendly vibe, where birthday-goers are treated to laser lights, techno music, and colorful mochi ice-cream sandwiches. If managing your own grill sounds overwhelming, let the kitchen do the cooking, and stick with Seoul’s à la carte menu. The kalbi (caramelized short ribs) arrived low on gristle and high on flavor. Thick-and-crispy (and wonderfully greasy) seafood pancakes were our fave, especially when doused with chile paste–based Korean hot sauce. (Ask for a bottle.) The dolsot bibimbap—served in a hot rock rice bowl—comes with delightfully chewy condiments and your choice of protein, including sweet teriyaki-style unagi (eel). 3762 Fallon Rd., (925) 999-8299. Lunch and dinner daily.

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