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Home Mediums, Astrologists and Tarot Card Readers

Seek out the supernatural with these local talents.



Dark nights, bare trees, and a gaping full moon on the horizon—this time of year, the urge to commune is in the air. Whether you’re looking for answers from the other side or just eager for an excuse to experience a reading with friends, we’ve culled a list of the Home’s most celebrated clairvoyants. It’s the perfect way to lift your spirits this season.



For a traditional tarot experience, try Isabelle Choiniere-Correa—who has an exotic persona and a rich reverence for the tarot. “When we approach the tarot with an open and inquiring mind, they give us back something that is very magical,” she says. Based near Oakland’s Mills College, Choiniere-Correa gives private readings in her home or garden, and will travel for party readings. .

For a 21st-century tarot experience, visit the cheery offices of Danville’s Maria Haswell. “My readings focus on the present moment, not the future,” she clarifies. “I use tarot cards as a visual tool for clients while I listen to their angels, guides, higher selves—whatever you want to call it,” she says with a laugh. Haswell offers private and group readings and classes. .




Longtime clairvoyant Suzanne Freed began as a licensed marriage and family therapist, with a focus on grief and loss, then transitioned her practice to psychic and mediumship readings. Freed helps clients connect with their own energy (in a psychic reading) or that of departed loved ones (in a mediumship reading) as a way of helping clients through challenging times. “I want to help people realize that even if you don’t feel your loved one, they’re there,” she says. Freed holds private readings in her Oakland office. .

A reading with Michelle Paulson feels like sitting down with an old friend to talk about a loved one; her kind and soft-spoken style is a comfort in itself. “I’ve been able to sense and see spirits since I was two years old,” she says. “Over the years, I finally learned to open up to it and give spirits the chance to communicate.” Based in the South Bay, Paulson does private and group mediumship readings by phone, and travels for group readings. .




Berkeley’s Andrea Mallis is a no-nonsense Virgo: She’s all about precision—reading signs and crunching numbers to tell you what’s in store. Her approach feels inherently cerebral, even logical. “Astrology is a metaphysical science,” she says. The official astrologer of KNBR sports radio, Mallis helps clients evaluate the cosmic consequences of major life decisions, select auspicious dates for events, or assess their compatibility in relationships. Mallis does parties, and phone and in-person consultations at her home. .

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