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Local Roast

The Home's coffee cup overflows with home-grown roasters.


HEY, YOU. Yeah, you. Drop that venti half-caf toffee-nut latte, and slowly back away from the counter.

It’s time to go local.

From all-over-the-Home roasters like Peet’s, to neighborhood favorites like Pacific Bay, to up-and-comers like Catahoula, orderpizzaonlinewalledlakemiland java proves that Seattle isn’t the only place that can roast up a good batch of beans.

All of these locally roasted coffees can be ordered and sent to your home.




Where: Top restaurants, Temescal and Berkeley farmers markets.
Top seller: Giant Steps.
Taste: Chocolaty, plummy, almost chewy.
Check this out: All coffee leaves within 48 hours of roasting.

Where: Parchments Café in Livermore.
Top seller: French Roast.
Taste: Bittersweet, never burnt.
Check this out: Disneyland serves it.

Where: Citron, East Brother Light Station, Catahoula Café.
Top seller: Lola.
Taste: Rich, complex, sweet with a snappy bite.
Check this out: Named for owner’s Catahoula Leopard Hound dog.

Where: Pacific Bay’s Walnut Creek café, Havana, and Blakes.
Top seller: Espresso Obsesso.
Taste: Rich, sweet, and smooth, with pronounced bittersweet chocolate.
Check this out: Pacific Bay roasts in its café, so customers can watch.

Where: Cafés, restaurants, Piedmont Grocery, Monterey Market.
Top seller: Black Opal.
Taste: Full body, lively; smooth, smoky finish.
Check this out: Long-time Oakland biz served its coffee to Ronald Reagan and Pope John II.

Where: Patrick David’s, Bakesale Betty, Nibblers
Eatery, Casa Orinda.
Top seller: Max’s Blend.
Taste: Full-bodied French roast, with a smoky finish.
Check this out: Beans come from Royal Coffee Importing Company, run by the owner’s relatives.

Where: Some Whole Foods, Draeger’s, Lafayette Park Hotel.
Top seller: Balthazar Organic.
Taste: Dark chocolate, cedar, orange zest.
Check this out: Family-owned biz has a coffee, tea, and spice museum in Jack London Square.

Where: Peet’s cafes; stores and restaurants.
Top seller: Major Dickason’s Blend.
Taste: Rich, mellow, smooth, yet complex.
Check this out: Alameda roasting facility is the first in the U.S. to be LEED certified.

Where: Whole Foods, Uncommon Café.
Top seller: Fair Trade Organic Berkeley Blend.
Taste: Soft and round, slightly earthy, sweet.
Check this out: Offers coffees bought directly from growers.

Where: Specialty markets, including Whole Foods.
Top seller: Organic Blend.
Taste: Full body, bright, chocolate, caramel.
Check this out: John Weaver roasted Peet’s coffee for years.


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