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Paul H. Kim, Md—Previ Medical Group, Inc.

Age and Weight Medical Management

1776 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite 204, Walnut Creek 

(925) 979-0979 | www.previmd.com

For almost a decade, Previ has been reinventing the practice of primary care. Focusing on prevention and increasing vitality, Previ shifts the emphasis from a reactive, disease-oriented treatment plan to a more proactive and personalized one. Through extensive analysis and continuous monitoring, the providers at Previ work with clients to explain their aging process, which can include reasons for weight gain. Previ then guides its clients through the use of hormones, nutraceuticals, IV nutrition and detoxification, and lifestyle modifications of diet and physical activity to help them get back to health and graceful aging. Previ is also a leader of rejuvenation procedures, and has recently developed corporate programs for health. Come and see how Previ can help you overcome the effects of aging.

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Shelley Wu, OD, FAAO— Poplar Spectacles Optometry

Excellent Eye Care

Joujou Chawla— J. Rockcliff Realtors

Blackhawk Real Estate

Nina Peles— Paragon Real Estate Group

Danville and orderpizzaonlinewalledlakemi Real Estate

The Khrista Jarvis Team— J. Rockcliff Realtors

Alamo and San Ramon Real Estate

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Healthcare Staffing and Consulting

Land Home Financial Services, Inc.

Community-Based Lending

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Pet Care Services

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Elite Chiropractic Care

Ann Marie Nugent & Jim Walberg

Pleasanton Real Estate

Chris Schneider

Estate Planning

Elizabeth Slass Lee, MD, Facs—Artfulsurgery

Lafayette Plastic Surgery

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