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CCO Health Services

Oncology, Hematology and Integrative Health Services

CCO Health Services
Oncology, Hematology and Integrative Health Services

The physicians and staff at Contra Costa Oncology understand the wide array of concerns and challenges faced by cancer patients and their families, which is why we are committed to providing the highest quality care for patients with cancer and blood disorders. Specializing in comprehensive cutting-edge treatment programs for all forms of cancer, our highly trained, board-certified physicians and oncology nurse practitioners are dedicated to providing the best possible patient experience.

With this in mind, we ensure the most sophisticated level of medical oncology and hematology care, including offering a wide array of integrative health services.

From acupuncture and esthetic services to nutrition and meditation, the goal of our integrative health programs is to increase the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatment programs, while improving the quality of life for our patients.  The healing process needs to be all embracing, encompassing a renewal of the mind, body and spirit.

Nutritional Counseling
Knowing that good nutrition can be your ally in preventing cancer, our certified diet counselor applies her considerable experience in developing and fine-tuning a custom regimen for cancer patients, as they have special nutrition needs, and issues, related to eating.  The ingestion of fresh, in-season local produce is strongly encouraged as food, when properly grown and prepared, can be supportive of health, and enhance quality of life.

At Contra Costa Oncology, acupuncture treatments focus on alleviating side effects from cancer treatment. Conditions commonly treated include nausea, vomiting, pain, fatigue, depressed immune system, peripheral neuropathy, insomnia, anxiety, dry mouth, hot flashes, digestive complaints, and more.

Treatment is recommended one to two times per week in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation, and/or biological therapy to reduce side effects. A course of treatment is also recommended after cancer therapy has ended. Acupuncture aimed at relieving post-operative pain should optimally begin within one to two weeks of the surgery. Individuals who have finished their cancer treatment can still obtain relief from any persisting side effects through acupuncture.

Through guided imagery and yoga therapy, we provide support to individuals at all stages of cancer treatment. Medical research shows that practicing guided imagery and yoga can make patients more comfortable during cancer treatment and reduces treatment side effects. These forms of mind-body medicine have been shown to alleviate insomnia, anxiety and pain, and to enhance immune function, stress management and the ability to cope with the emotional aspects of cancer treatment.

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